Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy OC - Irvine (10/15/11)



  1. FYI, I spent a lot of time on the UCW blog answering questions and providing information, while trying to stay on topic. You may have noticed that after two or three replies, that blog loses the ability to post direct responses.

    I guess I could have flitted down the little rabbit trails you and others wanted me to go down - but the thread was about Santorum and his views specifically about amnio centesis and I tried to stick specifically to that.

    Besides that, since I have work and taking care of a family I don't have time to "occupy" the computer. You apparently have more free time.


    1. @Elena, no the UCW blog does NOT lose the ability to post direct replies. Even if it did you could post a comment not in reply but addressing the commenter who asked you the question. Of course, you would have to WANT to answer the question, which you clearly don't.

      Answering a question is going down a rabbit trail? Come on, seriously?

      For having so little time to "occupy" the computer you made 12 comments on the subject and I made 5. So clearly, you have way more free time than I do!

      Let's just ignore that you start your comment above with "...I spent a lot of time on the UCW blog..." and then end the comment that you don't have time to be on the computer - this way you won't have to go down the rabbit hole of addressing your own hypocrisy.

  2. The above comments are referring to the blog post over at Uppercase Woman: