Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Remember Sarah Palin's outrage over Rahm Emanuel's use of the "r" word?  Remember how she accused him of having no decency?  Remember how she called for his firing?

Do you also remember how she defended Rush Limbaugh's use of the word?  How about, when she campaigned for Governor Perry even though his consultant, Dave Carney, used the word?

Remember how she wrote "Just as we'd be appalled if any public figure of Rahm's stature ever used the "N-word..."  Remember how she supported, radio talk show host Laura Schlessinger's use of the word?

Remember how she put forth marketing materials using gunsights?  Remember how she told her audience to "reload"?  Remember how she supported Sharron Angle, who repeatedly insinuated people use "2nd Amendment remedies"?

Today, she is speaking out.  Making sure we understand that words uttered by Americans are a light to the rest of the world. She is puzzled, concerned and sad at the irresponsible words that are suggesting that people who incited violence with their marketing materials and words have absolutely no culpability.

Today, she is making sure we understand that the media's supposition that political rhetoric may have played a part in Loughner's actions is reprehensible.

When she speaks of taking of arms she is obviously speaking of voting.

It's fine to speak out in "peaceful dissent".  Suggesting "2nd Amendment solutions" is obviously alluding to peaceful dissent.  Duh.

So let's review:

 1.  Using the "r" WORD is unacceptable, heartbreaking and calls for firing.
 2.  If the "r" WORD is used by a Palin supporter, then it is acceptable.
 3.  Use of the "n" WORD by a public figure is appalling.
 4.  If the "n" WORD is used by a Palin supporter, then it is acceptable.
 5.  American's WORDS are a light to the world.
 6.  American media's WORDS suggesting a possible link between inciteful language and violence is unacceptable.
 7.  Use of violent WORDS is totally acceptable.
 8.  If the media uses WORDS to ask if political rhetoric is wise is totally unacceptable.
 9.  WORDS are her 1st Amendment right.
10. Using WORDS to question rhetoric is unacceptable.


It is important to keep a clear grasp on hypocrisy as you never know when you'll need some.


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