Tuesday, January 25, 2011


A little tip, before you start walking your fat ass for miles and miles, go get a pedicure! You are welcome.

I, being a bit too chintzy these days, have not had a professional pedicure in a while. I have been giving them to myself. My chintzy ways included toenail clipping when I realized I could provide cover to a small mouse family under the length of my big toe.

Apparently I lost focus somewhere along the line of piggies and let my "little" toe (truthfully, my "little" toe is a misnomer - it's really a toe that, on a good day, looks like a squished stuffed Italian sausage, sweet, not the spicy variety!), grow to it's heart's content.

My little piggy now looks like this (it's not really this fuzzy, that's a result of being too lazy to pull a real camera out):

I walked/hobbled on my Sunday walk with it like this, I tried yesterday but oy vey it hurt too much so I took a break.

The picture is what it looks like today after a day of rest. So, don't think I'll be walking again today. Hopefully, I be back in full swing tomorrow!

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