Friday, January 21, 2011


I am going to lose 20 pounds.

I have been asked to do something, but that something requires me to lose a little weight. I could stand to lose more (a lot, a lot a lot more!!) but I've got to lose 20 for this something!

I am a very happy person. I like who I am regardless of the size of my behind.

I am not a happy exerciser. I HATE it.

So, I am hoping that if I publish what I am doing every day, perhaps that embarrassment of not following through will keep me on track.

I've added a little area over there on the right (see it, it's right there, on top - yep, that's it, the one titled "LOSING 20"), to keep track.

Wish me luck and a smaller butt!!


  1. I'm really curious as to what project would require a 20# weight loss!

  2. If I am able to attain my goal and still complete the "something", I'll share for sure!