Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Watch "Food, Inc."

April 21st, POV will air "Food, Inc."

Check your local listings here.

If you miss it tomorrow, you will be able to watch it online from 04/22 through 04/29 here.

Before I watch "Food, Inc.", I will be bawling while watching "Through A Dog's Eyes":


  1. I have definitely got my TiVo set to record this!!! I will probably be at the Y, dragging my big butt back and forth across the pool when it airs in my time zone, but I am SO looking forward to watching this.

    Several years ago, probably 25 I guess, I read a book by the (I think) grandson of the founder of Baskin Robbins. I THINK it was called Diet for a New America (I'm too lazy to Google it right now), and as a teenager - I was a senior in high school - it made me ill. I actually stopped eating meat altogether for an entire year. Something at some point made me go back to my old tendencies, which included mass produced meat, but I've always thought about that book and the things I learned.

    Now that I'm ready to change my life, I'm actively becoming more away of how the things we put into our bodies are mass produced with little thought given to the actual end result...which isn't the almighty dollar, but our health!

    Thanks for highlighting this on your blog and thank you so much for stopping by mine!

    Audrey at Barking Mad!

  2. Well I just thought I'd stop back by and say hello again.

    BTW, I don't know if you saw it, but I responded to your comment on my last post. No subtle hints...just positive thinking!


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