Monday, April 19, 2010


I am...

I am inspired by the woman I saw walking today, pushing a triple stroller with infant twins and a very animated young toddler UP a big hill.

I am thankful my dog decided to poop less than 5 feet from a trash can on our walk today which prevented me from having to carry a bag of poop for the rest of the walk.

I am sad for the man that I met today does not feel free enough to be himself.

I am loving the beautiful day we are having here in southern California.

I am enjoying watching the birds feed from the improvised bird feeder that I made and hoping my hummingbird feeder lasts a little longer.

I am hoping that a gift that ordered today from Purrfect Play arrives today for a friend that adopted her best dog friend from a shelter one year ago today.

I am going to watch, and hopefully be reenergized by, "The Seeds of a Revolution: Earth Days", tonight on PBS' American Experience:

 I am, what are you today?

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