Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Watch "Food, Inc."

April 21st, POV will air "Food, Inc."

Check your local listings here.

If you miss it tomorrow, you will be able to watch it online from 04/22 through 04/29 here.

Before I watch "Food, Inc.", I will be bawling while watching "Through A Dog's Eyes":

Monday, April 19, 2010


I am...

I am inspired by the woman I saw walking today, pushing a triple stroller with infant twins and a very animated young toddler UP a big hill.

I am thankful my dog decided to poop less than 5 feet from a trash can on our walk today which prevented me from having to carry a bag of poop for the rest of the walk.

I am sad for the man that I met today does not feel free enough to be himself.

I am loving the beautiful day we are having here in southern California.

I am enjoying watching the birds feed from the improvised bird feeder that I made and hoping my hummingbird feeder lasts a little longer.

I am hoping that a gift that ordered today from Purrfect Play arrives today for a friend that adopted her best dog friend from a shelter one year ago today.

I am going to watch, and hopefully be reenergized by, "The Seeds of a Revolution: Earth Days", tonight on PBS' American Experience:

 I am, what are you today?