Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sarah Palin The Teabagger Meets Sarah Palin The Hyprocrite

I don't drink coffee - can't stand the smell or the taste.

I do however love tea.  Herbal tea is the best!

My love for tea is being seriously challenged by the "Tea Party".  Now every time I think of having a cup of tea, I think of "Tea Party", which makes me think of Sarah Palin, which leads to pondering hypocrisy, which inevitably causes blood pressure increasing, heart palpitations and bile production!!!

If you don't see the Sarah Palin hypocrisy connection, here's a brief primer.

On The Use Of The Word "Retarded":

White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, used the word "retarded".  Sarah Palin called for his resignation.

Blowhard talk radio host and fellow hypocrite, Rush Limbaugh, used the word retarded.  Sarah Palin supported it as "satire".

Republican Governor Perry of Texas' Campaign Consultant, Dave Carney, used the word "retarded".  Sarah Palin did not call for Governor Perry to "axe" Carney but instead she campaigned for Perry.

On Using A Teleprompter:

Presidents have been using teleprompters since Lyndon Johnson.

President Reagan, a Republican, was nicknamed "The Great Communicator".  Sarah Palin, Republicans and Tea Baggers revere "Ronnie".  Ronnie loved the teleprompter almost as much as he did Nancy!

Here's a picture of Ronnie using a tele-prompter (see the smoky grey plastic thing on his right?):

                                                                                               Source: The Drudge Report

President Obama, a Democrat, has been hailed as a "great orator" but is often referred to as "The Teleprompter President" by the likes of Palin, Fox "News", Tea Partiers, et al.  Sarah Palin mocks President Obama's speaking skills and has called him "...that charasmastic guy with a teleprompter".

On February 7, 2009 Sarah Palin spoke and participated in a Q&A at the first Tea Party Convention.  Apparently she didn't use a teleprompter.  Instead, she wrote bullet points ON HER HAND.

Watch at the 47 second mark as she reads the notes ON HER HAND while trying to answer a question:

She wrote: "energy", "budget cuts" with a line through the word "budget", "tax" and "lift American spirits". 

The question was "...when we are successful and we have a conservative House and a conservative Senate, as soon as that happens, what do you think are the top three things that have got to be done?"

It's a BIG coincidence that she has three things written on her hand.  Did she know that question in advance?

Whether or not she knew the question in advance or that she wrote notes on her hand or used notes at all really isn't the issue.  The issue is that she has ridiculed our current President for using a teleprompter when:

1.  Her idol, Ronnie, was a master at using the teleprompter
2.  President Bush, in spite of using a teleprompter, still couldn't speak coherently
3.  Most profoundly, she, like most of us, uses prompts when speaking in public

Someone please write the word "hypocrite" on Palin's hand - maybe it will remind her to ask someone to look up the definition and explain it to her.

For an eloquent and impassioned post on how using the word "retarded" is "...pathetic and rude", head on over to Redneck Mommy's incredible post on the subject.