Friday, February 5, 2010

Being Sick & Green

I have been out of town helping a family member with this:

A new baby - SO wonderful.  This family member has a passel of kids; it's loud, it's hectic, it reminds me of my own childhood and oh my, IT'S FUN!!

Unfortunately, before I left their house I got REALLY sick.  In fact almost everyone in the house was sick.  I had to fly home sick - miserable.

I am still sick (12 days of sick so far) and it sucks.  I am getting better but I have a lingering cough and congested ears.

The amount of plastic used and wasted through this is in itself sickening.  I bought cough drops/lozenges for the flight.  Each of course wrapped individually in plastic.  I went to a co-op and a health food store but both only had the plastic wrapped ones.

For coughs I usually use Chestal Honey Cough Syrup which comes in glass.  It wasn't helping so I have bought two bottles of different brands (neither of which has worked as far as I can tell) and both came in plastic.

The one thing that I had that I LOVED were some bamboo fleece wipes that I purchased from Batik Bags on etsy.  What a luxury to wipe your nose with something so soft and lovely that didn't leave anything chapped or a trash can overflowing with chemical laden and bleached tissues.

The cough is at the base of my throat, dry and I cant "get" it.  I have tried an expectorant herbal cough syrup but it does not seem to be doing the trick.

I had read that a natural expectorant would be a "mustard plaster".  There are different instructions, but the one that I went with was I cut up some cheesecloth and sprinkled in some dried mustard on half of it and then folded the other half of the cheesecloth over it.  I then rolled it up like a jellyroll and ran it under warm water.  Just enough to get it wet.

I unrolled it and put it on my chest.  I was sitting up and oh my gosh - that was the best hour I've had, no coughing or wheezing!!

My skin wasn't irritated at all, sooooooo....

I decided to do it again but this time as I tried to go to sleep.

So I had it on while lying on my side so it was on my skin and then pushed between "the girls".

After a while it started to get really uncomfortable.  I stuck it out.  I was watching TV on my computer (by the way, have you seen Modern Family yet?!) and tried to put it out of my mind.

I realized that my skin wasn't uncomfortable but there was a burning stabbing pain so I decided to take it off.  It still hurt really bad.

I got up washed off my skin put on some coconut and argan oils.  It was raised and red but when I woke up this morning this is what I saw:


So now I am coughing until I feel nauseous, I can't hear my own voice and I have a self-inflicted burn!!!


  1. Wow! that's quite a reaction! For an expectorant my mom used to put castor oil on a wool cloth and put that (castor oil down) on our chests with a heating pad over top of it. Works wonders.

  2. St - thanks for the info! I have all of the items but unfortunately, the directions on the wool flannel warn not to use on skin that has a rash or is broken. My skin right now is seriously broken!!

    Next time I need an expectorant I'll try it for sure.

  3. Oh yeah, I can't imagine putting it on that rash! Yowch!