Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Joe Lieberman Socks"

I broke my toe!

In this tiny experience of our health care "system" I learned something new. In what seems to be a response to the ever growing expense of being in constant negotiation with insurance companies, doctors have found a new way to make money.

They now charge patients for their signature!  In order to get a temporary disabled placard a person must submit a form to the DMV.  The patient can fill virtually all of this out and it simply needs a doctor's signature.  That signature is apparently worth $15 to $35 depending on which doctor you ask.

This. Is. Despicable.

Speaking of despicable, have you been following Joe Lieberman's antics?

Here's a quick recap presented by some very clever socks:

Pissed?  Good.  Here's something you can do:

THE WHITE HOUSE AT 202-456-1111.