Monday, November 23, 2009

My Dad Lied About Rhubarb Pie

I am not a big pie lover.  I prefer cake, and lots of it!  Holidays though call for pie.

I am making three pies for Thanksgiving this year.  I've made them all before and they are all DELICIOUS!  The best part is, they are sooooooo easy!

They are easy partly because I cheat a bit with the crust, but beyond that the most complicated has 4 steps!  I will purchase pre-made pie crusts from Mother's Market.  If I remember correctly it is a whole grain crust with only about 5 ingredients.  Two drawbacks:

1.  Crust is in disposable aluminum pie tins
2.  Packaged in plastic

I will probably remove the crusts from the aluminum since I can't stand cooking in aluminum and prefer glass.  I will have to bring the plastic with me to my Thanksgiving dinner destination and recycle there as my neighborhood does NOT have recycling!

One pie will be pecan and the other two will be rhubarb.  Ick you exclaim?  Gross you say?  I'm with ya' sista, I used to say!

Growing up my Dad LOVED rhubarb.  Whenever it was served he would say, "I'll take that, you won't like it, it's gross."  My Dad was a hero in many ways and this was just one more - he was saving us from even trying the nasty, icky, gross rhubarb!

Our family has been doing Christmas from around the world for a couple of years and one year was England.  Since rhubarb pie was a traditional choice (per the internet) I made a couple.  There would be some people from England there so it would surely be eaten, not by me or my brother though!

When I was preparing them for transport, some filling spilled onto my finger.  Without even thinking about it, I licked my finger (oh come on, you lick your fingers while cooking too!).  What came next was an epiphany I doubt the Pope has even experienced - rhubarb wasn't good, it was DELICIOUS!

When it was time for pie I pulled my brother aside and said "I've got something to tell you.  Dad lied to us for our whole lives.  Rhubarb is devine!!".  He tried it and his eyes got huge and it he took pieces of each variety and came back for seconds.  I called my little sister the next day and informed her of this scam.  She now knows that rhubarb is from the Gods and Dad, selfless in all other ways, was totally Bogarting the rhubarb!

This 8 ingredient Pecan Pie is incredible and made without corn syrup!

This 7 ingredient Rhubarb Sour Cream Pie is rich and delicious!  All of the ingredients I use will be organic, the flour will be spelt

This 5 ingredient Fresh Rhubarb Pie is heavenly!

All of the ingredients I use will be organic, the flour will be spelt, the milk will be raw from grass fed cows and the sugars and vanilla will be fair-trade.

Make a pie for your family and friends, it's fun, easy and delicious!

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