Tuesday, November 10, 2009

If The Stupid Stupak Amendment Stays In H.R. 3962 Let's Also Legislate Ejaculations

The stupid Stupak Amendment that was added to H.R. 3962 is pissing me off the more I think of it.

Let's recap: it expands the Hyde Amendment by not allowing any policies that provide abortion to also receive Federal money. So it not only goes after women but it incentivizes insurance companies to not even provide the option for women.

I decided to have a conversation with my imaginary conservative right to lifer self on why Federal funds should be used to pay for abortions.

It went pretty well, as would be expected in an imaginary conversation, and I think I made my point!

Here's a "transcript" of the conversation:

ME: Abortion, regardless of personal opinions, religious or political affiliation, is a LEGAL medical procedure.


ME: You can follow what you believe to be your God's direction but you may not impose that upon others.

CRTL: Life begins at conception

ME: I was hoping you would say that...

ME: I believe life begins at ejaculation.

CRTL: You are just talking dirty to embarrass me, anyway that's different, women loose eggs too every month.

ME: When women "loose" eggs that is a function of nature - it cannot be controlled - it's a function of nature or God if you prefer. Men don't loose sperm, they get to decide where it goes - they CAN control it's destiny. When men ejaculate, those little sperm are babies. Every man kills millions, if not billions, of "babies" every single day.

Let's prove this isn't misogynistic and start legislating ejaculations!

CRTL: That's ridiculous!

ME: Why, because men are superior and don't need that type of interference in their lives or bodies? Maybe it's because on the whole we can trust men to make good decisions? Maybe it's because it simply is ridiculous! Just like legislating women's reproductive decisions.

ME: Let's not pretend this is a disagreement about money, it's a disagreement about feelings and beliefs. In the crossfire of these disagreements women's rights are being eroded.

CRTL: You're right, it isn't about the money, it is my belief but it's a belief from God and I don't care about women's rights being eroded.

ME: Yes, I know.

ME: The vast majority of women that have been and will be further affected by this stupid Stupak Amendment are women without the necessary resources to obtain an abortion. In addition to people with limited access to money it affects women with limited access to transportation, women in abusive relationships (not just physical also emotional), young women, etc...

CRTL: Well, they shouldn't be having sex unless they are in a solid committed God fearing marriage.

ME: You're right...

CRTL: What?!?!?!

ME: Well on an intellectual level the vast majority would agree with you about the "should"(except the God part because not everyone believes in your God nor do they believe God is something to be feared, but that's another subject for another day...). The problem is "should" and human nature are two different things.

The vast majority of people would agree that we should never fight, we should never get angry, we should never break the law (have you gone over the speed limit?), we should all vote in every election. The problem is that human nature isn't about should it's about choice.

And sex is fun!

Anyway, I have never met even ONE woman who had an abortion that made that decision lightly. Even those that had one in their teen years. They always remember the day of their abortion and the due date. It may not be something they regret but it is not something that is done with anything but a tremendous amount of consideration.

I did not agree that we went to war. I protested, I spoke, I wrote letters, I called my legislatures. If you disagree with abortion spend time volunteering, speaking, writing letters, calling your legislatures but do not interfere with a woman's LEGAL rights.

I do have a final set of questions for YOU, not my inner imaginary conservative right to lifer self, those of you who do disagree...

You believe that life is precious, that it is a gift from God; why then:

1. Do you support the dealth penalty?
2. Do you support wars?
3. Do you not want a system that helps protect this precious gift of life by providing health care?

Now for YOU, the ones that don't want this - call your Senators and tell them to pass H.R. 3962 WITHOUT the stupid Stupak Amendment.


  1. The irony for me is that I recently learned that the RNC's own insurance plan included abortion services . . . big oops there, and I get the argument that there might be a medical necessity issue where it could be a life-saving procedure for the mother. In those case, I believe such procedures should be covered under insurance. Those are my thoughts upon further reflection.

  2. What Caroline is referring to is that the employees of the RNC have had elective abortions covered under their insurance plan for the past 18 years! She provided the following links via e-mail:

    "RNC to Opt Our of Abortion Coverage", Politico

    results of a Google search for "RNC's insurance provides abortion coverage