Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Green" Is The New Red, White & Blue

Last night I turned on my radio and heard this, " have soldiers that are fighting and dying because of our energy policy in this country and this is a means to help fix that. Are you really an American? Are you rah-rah pro American let's go do all this great stuff? Well, this is how you can do it."

I was listening to Dick Gordon's "The Story". If you haven't had the pleasure of hearing this gem of a radio program, find "The Story" in your area. Gordon interviews regular everyday people and listens to their story.

In last night's program he was speaking to brothers Jon & Chris Boggiano, veterans of the Iraq war who have come to realize that the war was/is about oil, "The fact that our energy policy and the fact that we are in Iraq is somehow tied to global warming that's not on the news, that connection, but it's all tied together. We need oil so we invade a country to secure that oil. That same oil is the thing that's doing bad things to the planet."

With this realization they believe that the patriotic thing to do is to create sustainability, "I understand why we invaded Iraq. Look, we need, America needs oil and if we solve the energy problem we also solve a lot of these secondary problems."

They became sustainability experts and started Everblue Training Institute, a company with a mission to reduce America's dependence on oil, which Gordon states," every bit as patriotic as what they did as soldiers."

You can listen to the whole piece here (skip to 7:00 if you don't want to listen to the intro or the first story):

Honor our Veterans today and every day by making changes in your life - reduce, reuse, refuse, re-educate and recycle. As the Boggiano brothers said, "This stuff makes sense on it's own."

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