Thursday, November 19, 2009

Annie - Hairless, Fearless & Fierce!

Last night what started out as a Twitter conversation about "saving" chocolate milk for schools turned into a spirited discussion about slave labor and fair-trade chocolate (I wonder who brought that up?!).

One person that I conversed with was @PoeticLotion, aka Mom of Ms. Hairless and Fearless herself,  Annie.

In our discussion I learned that Annie was recovering from a spontaneous brain bleed.  Their local paper, the Tribune Chronicle, wrote an article and you should go read it.

I was moved by the fact that her Dad was aware of the dangers of head injuries because he had recently read an article about a tragic situation and was therefore more alert to the possibility that something was really, really wrong.  Everything happens for a reason.  I especially love that her parents shaved their heads in solidarity!

Annie, a budding artist, started, Annie's Art Studio, where you can buy her work (gotta love those home schooled kids!).  After Annie's brain bleed fellow artists, Kathy& Ed Esposito, decided to help Annie and her family with the mounting medical costs (health care reform anyone?), by selling the piece that Annie drew:

For those of you that send Christmas cards I think this would be great - you could write inside, "Have you been naughty or nice this year?!".

If you send Hanukkah cards, how about "May the traditions of old bring you new joy!!".

Kathy & Ed will donate 10% of all proceeds to Annie's family and 100% of proceeds when you buy the card with Annie's drawing!

Kathy & Ed also have an Etsy store (I love me some Etsy!), and they will package your order without the plastic sleeves that is put on the cards or the vinyl sleeve on the bookmarks, all you have to do is ask!

Unfortunately the paper the cards are printed on is not recycled, it is however made in the USA as is everything that they sell - yes, even the bookmark tassels!  The envelopes are made with 10% recycled content and they return their print cartridges to the manufacturer for recycling.  All unsalable items are donated to charity that donates them to our soldiers for thank you cards.

If you are on Facebook you can follow Annie there too.

As I mentioned yesterday, the internet is such an incredible tool to put people in touch that would never have had the opportunity otherwise.

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