Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Aissa Mayhew - Woman Extraordinaire

This thing, the internet, introduces us to people that we most likely would not have the opportunity to meet, hear their stories that make us laugh, cry, angry, become more compassionate and think.

3 months ago I somehow ended up on Anissa's blog and read this post.  This was a post that made me angry.  It made me proud of someone that I did not know.  I made me want to hug, defend and encourage a woman that I had never met and in all likelihood would never meet.

Anissa's blog has become one of many that I many that I started reading within the last 7 months.  Reading her blog makes you want to go find her and beg her to be your friend - you would surely have so much fun.

This morning, while making my rounds of blog reading, I read The Spohr's Are Multiplying first.  I was shocked - Anissa, a young mother of 3, is in the ICU after having suffered a devastating stroke.

I was crying for Anissa, this woman who I have never met, spoken with, tweeted, e-mailed or even knew that I existed.  I was crying for her husband, her children, her friends, her family, her community, her network of parents that she helps who have ill children.  I have been so sad today.

Please send your positive energy to Anissa's family today.  Please keep her in your thoughts.  If you are so moved you can find out more information and ways to help:

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