Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We Can Stick Our Heads In The Sand And Worry About "Balloon Boy" Or We GET BUSY!

Have you heard that we don't want change when it comes to our health insurance? Have you heard how great our health insurance options are? Have you heard how insurance companies are simply trying to make a profit and certainly not denying care and being unreasonable? Have you heard that 1/2 of all bankruptcies are NOT due to medical expenses?

You have? What a coincidence - me too! Wow, I must have been so wrong about all of this, and these people? Well, they're just whiners trying to pull one over on "the system". The system that is not broken, right?!:

So let's review: Amelia is employed full-time, she pays for her own health insurance and she is covered by Worker's Compensation insurance through her job. She is attacked twice on the job, becomes stressed and has a massive stroke all within days. Her own health insurance states that she was hurt at work and they won't pay. Worker's Comp states that it wasn't a work related injury and they won't pay. Amelia, who needs 24 hour nursing care is sent home. Her husband, who is NOT a nurse, is taking care of her instead of her receiving the medical care she needs (the care she thought she was paying for and was covered for under her employer's policy). Amelia's husband can't work AND take care of his her for 24 hours a day. See? Our system is clearly not broken! Amelia and her husband will probably not be one of of the bankruptcies not due to medical expenses (using double negatives is a great way to show statistics isn't it?!).

Remember the 4 month old FAT breastfed baby that was denied insurance? Well, here's his counterpart, Aislin Bates:

Did you catch that? No? Well, I'll help you out, this little gem is at about 1:30 "...when evaluating height and weight we typically utilize other factors like medical records that show evidence of treatment." Oh, now it makes sense.

If you seek medical care, in this case for an "active gag reflex", then you become a target for denial of health insurance! Silly me, that's so simple. We don't need a public option, we just need to purchase outlandishly expensive health insurance and NEVER use it or get any treatment and pay for it out of pocket because it might affect our future coverage - makes sense right?!

Yeah, me neither.

Please don't give up - make those calls!

Call (write, fax, e-mail, etc...) Max Baucus at 202-224-2651, Kent Conrad at 202-224-2043, Blanche Lincoln at 202-224-4843, your Senators and Members of Congress. As the brilliant Bill Moyers says, "Get Busy!".

We cannot keep our heads in the sand, we cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by "balloon boy", et al. and we cannot count on "someone else" to fight for us.

As the brilliant Bill Moyers says, we have to "Get Busy!".

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