Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No More Toilet Paper For Me OR My Bum!

The day I ran out of toilet paper was the last day I used the stuff.

Yes, I stopped wiping with toilet paper.

I still have a roll for guests, but my behind rarely sees the stuff anymore.

I stopped wiping with toilet paper, but my bum? It's spic-and-span!!

I read for years about how people used and laundered cloth wipes instead of toilet paper. "Gross, disgusting and I would NEVER do that!" was declared many times by me.

Fair warning, you might read this post and have the same thoughts but 2 years from now you just might ditch your toilet paper too!

It started by using recycled toilet paper at my sister's house. It scratched. I complained. My sister looked at me, and my rather substantial arse, lifted an eyebrow, smiled sweetly and said something to the effect of, "Oh, I'm sorry, is the princess's bum-bum too delicate to save the planet?!". Uh, yes!!

How could she not know that I wanted, needed, hell - deserved - a minimum 2-ply super fluffy, soft as a baby's behind wiping solution for my fluffy behind?!

As is usual for me, I eventually followed my sister's lead. She is way smarter than me and probably even you!

As is usual for me, I started thinking about better options of recycled toilet paper. Only buying brands that were unbleached. Buying the highest recycled paper content I could find. I happily spent a little more money buying recycled toilet paper. I was happy with the choice and my substantial but delicate princess arse adjusted to the texture and no, I didn't use twice as much!

Then, I happened upon the post Beth at Fake Plastic Fish wrote about toilet paper and packaging. Oh vey.

As is usual for me, I am in awe of Beth and her thought process. She embodies the Ghandi quote "Be the change you want to see". I have never met her but I want to be her, I want to have her tenacity.

Here I thought I was doing well but now Beth threw a wrench in it. Would I be willing to buy plastic free toilet paper? Could I find a better solution?

I was buying 12 rolls at a time ensconced in plastic packaging, like this:

In my tiny abode I have very little room for storage so buying in bulk wasn't an option I was willing to adopt. The store I shop at, Mother's Market, only sold the rolls wrapped in paper individually.
They were a lot more expensive. I don't necessarily mind expensive, especially when I save so much in other areas, when it's for a greater good but I thought that there must be a better solution for me.

So I started researching.

I decided that I would stop using toilet paper!

To Be Continued...

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