Friday, October 30, 2009

Fox Farts Out Opinions To Destroy Journalism As We Know It

Part 2 of The Toilet Chronicles will be finished soon.
I have been busy posting comments on another blog about the legitimacy of Fox "News" which has gotten me in a lather like Bill O'Reilly with a loofah!

While in said lather, I read this article by Dan Gainor today and what's a girl to do, I HAD to respond!

The original article is in green (I couldn't help myself) and my replies are in black.


Eco-Nuts Out to Destroy Life As We Know It
Around the globe on Saturday environmental protesters tried “a synchronized burst of more than 4,300 demonstrations, from the Himalayas to the Great Barrier Reef,” according to The New York Times.

The sweeping October 24 protest was to bully developed nations like the United States into a climate change agreement when they meet in Copenhagen this December.

The protesters, who want to drop CO2 in the atmosphere to that level, were especially critical of the United States:

Reporting of facts thus far, not very Fox-like Dan. I wonder what's going on?!

“You have destroyed nature with your industrial waste and gases more than any other nation in history. Despite this, you refuse to sign the Kyoto agreement so that you can secure the profit of your greedy companies and industries.”

And there it is... Welcome to Fox.

Oops, that’s wasn’t the eco-nuts, that’s a direct quote from Usama bin Laden in 2002. --While Al Qaeda and eco-nuts use different tactics, they share a similar enemy: civilization.

This is a classic Fox/bully technique. Try to distract the argument and employ name calling, finger pointing and yelling. This changes the argument from focusing on facts and logic which would thereby foster debate and perhaps understanding. But see, when discussion ensues and logic reigns, there's no more Fox.

Eco-nuts - do those come salted or honey roasted? Yum!

At least Al Qaeda is clear about what it wants -- an end to Western civilization and establishment of global Shariah law -- the Islamic version of cave men times with better architecture.

There's that classic Fox bully technique - name calling. Yes, environmentalists are EXACTLY like Al Qaeda, what with all their talk of recycling, gardening, taking personal responsibility for your impact on the planet and the like - these are terrorist acts!

Would throwing an empty plastic water bottle at certain commentators heads be considered upcycling?

The eco-nuts have a patchwork of things they hate and want banned or destroyed.

Since Fox is so totally awesome at the bully technique and imitation is the highest form of flattery and all, how about we refer to Fox journalists, commentators, entertainers and clowns as Fox Farts, Fox Fools or Fox Fear Mongering Fascists? I am clearly partial to alliteration.

The week of the 350 protests, The Times wrote glowingly about the Swedes are now including carbon footprint labeling on all food. The Times’ Elisabeth Rosenthal was quick to point out “changing one’s diet can be as effective in reducing emissions of climate-changing gases as changing the car one drives or doing away with the clothes dryer, scientific experts say.” I love it when people who have a huge subway system at their disposal bemoan the automobile.

You do realize Dan that climate changing gases come from things other than personal automobiles don't you? One example would be transportation of food (which is why the terrorists, I mean eco-nuts, support "eating local". Another big culprit would be gassy windbags who spew opinions filled with hate and fear but insist on being called journalists, well they insist until they have to take responsibility and then they remind us that they aren't journalists.

Dan, being a Fox Fart you might have been exposed to some of this unfortunate gas, in fact you might not be able escape it, like it's emanating from your own body and clinging to your skin.

The new labeling guidelines were a predictable attempt to manipulate what people eat. “[T]hey are advised to substitute beans or chicken for red meat,” the October 22 article proclaimed. The left hasn’t bestowed human rights on beans…yet.

I'm sure the Fox Fools will soon be reporting that the left believes that homobeans will have the right to marry and all beans have the right to abortion. And we cannot stand for that folks, the marrying of homebeans and aborting of baby beans will tear at the fabric of our country.

Two days later, London’s Daily Express complained that Fido was a global threat as well. “A medium-sized dog has the same carbon impact as a Toyota Land Cruiser driven 6,000 miles a year, a new book claims,” wrote the paper. It went on to blast pets -- from cats to hamsters -- because they use energy. Now I guess lefties can blame previous warming cycles on buffalo (or their SUVs).

Far be it from the Fox Fear Mongering Fascists from giving people facts. My gosh, what would people do with facts?! They might change their behavior and try to lessen their impact by feeding their pets more locally raised or manufactured foods, realizing that they don't need that ball made from petrochemicals manufactured in China, shipped to Illinois and then send 2nd day air to their home.

Seriously people, please keep your heads in the sand so you can't possibly think for yourselves. We are lucky to have the Fox Fear Mongering Fascists do our thinking for us!

We should be used to this theme. The left is on a global campaign to wipe out the trappings of civilization and the media pretend it’s for our good. In a headlong rush to stop something many scientists dispute, the left wants to ban human invention, accomplishment and enjoyment. The media, which reluctantly admit Al Qaeda is somehow bad, can’t muster the same honesty about the eco-movement.

Well duh! The eco-nuts can't stand invention. They are totally against all these new technologies that will allow more people access to solar and wind power.

Accomplishment? Who needs accomplishments?! That's silly. Nobody wants to breathe clean air and and drink clean water.

Enjoyment? No way. Going without a McMansion with no gas guzzling Hummer in the driveway where I can run the air conditioning 24/7 all summer long with the windows down and open. Choosing not to fill your home with a bunch of junk made using toxic chemicals and by a workforce that was outsourced which doesn't keep the workforce employed in the US. That is a life not worth living, why that's Un-American!

Enviro-wackos... California is on the verge of banning big screen TVs because they also use too much energy. (Take that sports bars.) The Golden state is also banning a ship used in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” because it has a diesel engine.

Enviro-wackos, geez now I've got to come up with new bully name for you. Hold on, I'll figure it out... the nuclear-free zone of Takoma Park, Maryland., are trying to ban leaf blowers.

Leaf blowers? No way, EVERYONE loves leaf blowers. With their peaceful lullaby-like sound and that smell, oh that smell!

Styrofoam and plastic bags are doomed to a similar end under the all-seeing, lidless eye of the morals police.

Not styrofoam and plastic bags - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. How will we live without these petrochemical godsends?

I MUST have my food touching styrofoam. An enchilada without endocrine disruptors is like watching the news without windbags.

Canvas bags - ewww. I WANT to be wasteful. I WANT to carry to carry 10 plastic bags instead of 2 canvas bags. I want to continue to support the manufacture of petrochemical products which will keep us dependent on foreign oil.

California is on the verge of banning big screen TVs because they also use too much energy. (Take that sports bars.)

Giant TV's - I MUST have a giant energy guzzling TV to watch Mad Men:

How dare California try to support invention that will help accomplish the reduction of energy used. (Hey Dan, I know I should be satisfied with subtlety but I'm not - did you notice the use of the words "invention" and "accomplish", you know 2 of the things that you claim eco-nuts can't stand?).

The Golden state is also banning a ship used in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” because it has a diesel engine.

Dan I really hate to muddy the waters with facts and stuff since I know that isn't your style but I'm afraid I'm going to be a bad host and point some things out about the Lady Washington:

1. Said ship is from Washington and does not meet California's air-pollution standards.
2. Said ship has a 60 year old diesel engine.
3. Said ship carries tourists and kids. I'm sure you are a "family values" guy and would agree kids shouldn't be breathing that particulate into their lungs.
4. Upgrades were already decided upon for said ship.
5. Washington states the following about said ship:
"And it's unfortunate that our engine isn't as clean as it should be."

The European Union has already begun its ban on traditional light bulbs and the U.S. Congress has passed that little bit of environmental insanity as well. Forget actual light, the world is being forced to rely on mercury-laden bulbs that will, in turn, become a future eco-disaster.

Fellow-eco nuts, please sit down, I have something to say to you.

Are you ready? I know it's not going to be easy, but it must be said:

Dan is right about the mercury-laden bulbs. Those CFLs are the stupidest idea ever. There is no sarcasm here sadly. Why are we suggesting to people that an alternative that uses mercury is a good idea? Where are our critical thinking skills?! Personally, I prefer LEDs. Do you have an alternative idea? What makes them better?

Okay, back to the regularly scheduled programming.

Forced. I don't think so Dan. There are options, LEDs for example.

The film “No Impact Man” highlighted lefties who tried to live as backward as possible to save Mother Nature.

Unfortunately, I have not seen "No Impact Man" yet but I have read his blog and listened to him on the radio. From what I understand No Impact Man and his family lived within their means, supported local American farmers by buying their food and probably didn't watch the Fox Cocks*. No other way to say it, that's c-r-a-z-y.

*Please cocks, don't take offense because really, you are lovely.

The news media have celebrated that and even dwelled on the no-diaper movement. (Ewwwww!)

Dan, I didn't realize you were still in diapers. Or maybe it's all those gassy exhalations from a possible case of fanny halitosis which requires you to wear one. I'm sorry. Try cloth, they might be softer on your bum.

Of course it doesn’t stop there. It’s one thing to limit our packaging, our technology and underwear., a pro-vegetarian Web site, enlisted rock stars Paul McCartney and Chrissie Hynde to go after the meat industry -- “one of the leading sources of the greenhouse gases that lead to global warming.”

How dare those actors and rock stars support an organization that wants to provide facts to people and let readers make their own choice. That is definitely NOT "fair and balanced".

Why ban food when you can get rid of people? A researcher from the World Health Organization had the audacity to come out and complain about the “lack of access to family planning.” The left wants to limit human population via birth control.

No, we want to limit human population via the practice of swallowing.

Additional benefits include no greenhouse gases, it's fair and balanced as it can be enjoyed by people of both sexes and it's technically vegetarian. Technically.

That’s reminiscent of Paul Watson, founder and president of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, who wants to “re-wild the planet.”

I think you should have quoted Ronald Reagan instead, "What is a conservative after all but one who conserves, one who is committed to protecting and holding close the things by which we live... And we want to protect and conserve the land on which we live—our countryside, our rivers and mountains, our plains and meadows and forests. This is our patrimony. This is what we leave to our children. And our great moral responsibility is to leave it to them either as we found it or better than we found it.”

In the process, this star of Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars” prefers to see humans die off and wants the human population to drop below 1 billion. That’s 5.5 billion folks who will become expendable, though I doubt they’d agree.

You know Dan, I'm sure you researched your article "real gooder" but I can't find where Paul Watson states that 4.5 billion people are expendable.

That is the natural culmination the left is working toward. Just like communist China, they will move to limit births. When that isn’t enough, who knows how far they will go in their orthodoxy?

Wait, I just made-up a joke!

How are eco-nuts like Al Qaeda? Communist China!!!!!

You don't get it? Hey, you are NOT supposed to ask questions, you are just supposed to listen, read and regurgitate the hate and lies.

To hear Al Gore tell it, the battle against global warming is reminiscent of World War II. In July, he told an English audience, “Winston Churchill aroused this nation in heroic fashion to save civilization in World War II.”

Kinda reminds me of those conservative Mormons who claimed that the self-inflicted Proposition 8 backlash is just like what African Americans experienced in the south when they fought for civil rights.

Yes, but Britain was on the side of civilization. The eco-nuts are not.

All the eco-nut recycling, innovation, alternative energy, supporting American farmers and workers, accomplishments, keeping healthy by avoiding chemicals, suggesting taking mass transit when possible - it's all a secret plot to end civilization.

Guys, Dan, is sooooo smart!

(Pssst, everyone but Dan, I'm going to use a Fox Farse trick...)

Dan, you are an UNPATRIOTIC, socialist loving liar. SHUT UP.

(Did he fall for it?)

Dan Gainor is The Boone Pickens Fellow and the Media Research Center’s Vice President for Business and Culture. He writes frequently for the Fox Forum and can be seen as a guest on’s “Strategy Room.” He can also be contacted on FaceBook and Twitter as dangainor.

GreenInOC is not a fellow and is the top researcher on her laptop. She writes infrequently for eco-nuts and anyone else who wants to read and will not ever be a guest on's "Fair and Balanced Liars Room". She cannot be contacted via FaceBook but can be found on Twitter as greeninoc.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No More Toilet Paper For Me OR My Bum!

The day I ran out of toilet paper was the last day I used the stuff.

Yes, I stopped wiping with toilet paper.

I still have a roll for guests, but my behind rarely sees the stuff anymore.

I stopped wiping with toilet paper, but my bum? It's spic-and-span!!

I read for years about how people used and laundered cloth wipes instead of toilet paper. "Gross, disgusting and I would NEVER do that!" was declared many times by me.

Fair warning, you might read this post and have the same thoughts but 2 years from now you just might ditch your toilet paper too!

It started by using recycled toilet paper at my sister's house. It scratched. I complained. My sister looked at me, and my rather substantial arse, lifted an eyebrow, smiled sweetly and said something to the effect of, "Oh, I'm sorry, is the princess's bum-bum too delicate to save the planet?!". Uh, yes!!

How could she not know that I wanted, needed, hell - deserved - a minimum 2-ply super fluffy, soft as a baby's behind wiping solution for my fluffy behind?!

As is usual for me, I eventually followed my sister's lead. She is way smarter than me and probably even you!

As is usual for me, I started thinking about better options of recycled toilet paper. Only buying brands that were unbleached. Buying the highest recycled paper content I could find. I happily spent a little more money buying recycled toilet paper. I was happy with the choice and my substantial but delicate princess arse adjusted to the texture and no, I didn't use twice as much!

Then, I happened upon the post Beth at Fake Plastic Fish wrote about toilet paper and packaging. Oh vey.

As is usual for me, I am in awe of Beth and her thought process. She embodies the Ghandi quote "Be the change you want to see". I have never met her but I want to be her, I want to have her tenacity.

Here I thought I was doing well but now Beth threw a wrench in it. Would I be willing to buy plastic free toilet paper? Could I find a better solution?

I was buying 12 rolls at a time ensconced in plastic packaging, like this:

In my tiny abode I have very little room for storage so buying in bulk wasn't an option I was willing to adopt. The store I shop at, Mother's Market, only sold the rolls wrapped in paper individually.
They were a lot more expensive. I don't necessarily mind expensive, especially when I save so much in other areas, when it's for a greater good but I thought that there must be a better solution for me.

So I started researching.

I decided that I would stop using toilet paper!

To Be Continued...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Congressman Campbell, When Are You Going To Opt Out Of Your Prison Like Government Employee Health Insurance Plan?

I have made numerous calls to many Senators and members of Congress.

I have urged, complained, threatened(*), begged and encouraged them to support a "robust" Public Option. (Ed. Note added 10/24/09: by threatened I mean, I threatened to support their opponents with my time and money in the next election, nothing untoward!)

Today, I received a reply from Congressman John Campbell (you can read the entire e-mail at the bottom of this post).

I e-mailed him back my response and will post it here for your delight - well, actually mine! I have added a couple of hyperlinks here that were not in the original reply to him, the only link I included to him was the one regarding malpractice insurance.

That link was originally provided from a comment Lawyer Mama made on Loralee's Looney Tunes blog post in August about health care reform. I would write the title to that post here but if you are familiar with Loralee, her titles are their very own tomes!

Anyway, on with the show:

Congressman Campbell,

I received your response to my calls to your office urging to support the Public Option.

I am completely baffled by what "you" wrote on so many levels.

To keep things clear I will quote your letter and then I will respond:
I believe we must allow people to determine their own healthcare plan independent of their employer or the government.
People are currently allowed to determine their own healthcare plan independent of their employer or the government.
This will encourage an active, competitive marketplace that will in turn increase access and affordability.
It has not done this thus far. What in the world will start to change now? We need sweeping changes, like a Public Option!
This approach will resolve the fundamental flaw of our current system of healthcare - the disconnection that now exists between individuals and the price and quality of care.
This is one of MANY flaws with our current system.
Today, an individual's capacity to get healthcare coverage is dependent upon a third party payee like an employer or the government.
Today, an individual's capacity to get healthcare coverage is dependent upon exorbitant policy prices, pre-existing conditions, pre-existing treatments, cancellation of policies when the insured get sick, denial of coverage when people need to use the policy that they have been paying for, etc...
This system has, in many ways, reduced the power of the marketplace and forced Americans to become prisoners to health plans dictated upon them.
Employers who are still able to cover their employees and the government stop-gap programs are NOT the problem. If you really believe they are, I look forward to your bill insisting that members of Congress withdraw from their prison like government employee health insurance program that has been dictated to you and your colleagues . There's nothing more powerful than setting and example and acting on principle.
Congress needs to initiate policies that will encourage personal choice and increase competition, not enact socialized government medicine or price controls.
Congress needs to rally around the Public Option which will encourage personal choice and increase competition. This ridiculous fear mongering of the word "socialized" (and all it's many forms) is foolish. Do your children go to school? I pay taxes to help subsidize that. Do you drive on the roads? I pay taxes to help subsidize that. I'm sure you get the point.
Also, whatever Congress enacts must not bankrupt our country or cause individuals to lose their current health insurance - both which would happen under the current proposals being discussed.
Fear mongering or facts? According to the CBO the Public Option will NOT bankrupt our country. Why would people lose their health insurance? Perhaps employers who can barely afford to continue contributing to their employee's coverage will stop (please note the use of the word "contributing"). Perhaps the market will become so competitive that employers will once again offer coverage as a matter of course.

Also, I have contacted your office many times. I NEVER got a response back from you worrying about our country being bankrupted by an illegal war. I NEVER heard from you opposing the taxpayer stimulus packages, I NEVER heard from you worrying that the budget surplus left to President Bush was vanishing.
Rather than supporting President Obama's and the Democrats' approach...
PLEASE drop this and head back to the table. We NEED a Public Option and we need it NOW. If it helps, pretend it's a Republican approach since your language indicates that this is a partisan issue for you.
We also must work to expand the availability of Health Savings Accounts...
There's nothing wrong with that. Just like auto insurance in California. If you don't want a traditional policy, then you can prove "financial responsibility" instead. However, this is not a realistic alternative for the vast majority of people.
In addition, we need to address our nation's broken litigation system that has caused a rapid increase in liability insurance...
Not so fast there, it's not all greedy lawyers attacking innocent doctors with the insurance company playing the victim:

As Congress continues to analyze and discuss this issue, I will be sure to follow it closely...
I hope that you will do more than "follow it closely". I hope that you will go back to the table and work to provide solutions that the American people need, not ones that your political party think they need to win the next election.

Thank You

Here's the original e-mail reply from Congressman Campbell:
Reply From Congressman John Campbell height="500" width="100%" > value="">
If you've made it this far, you deserve a treat! How about a chuckle?!:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We Can Stick Our Heads In The Sand And Worry About "Balloon Boy" Or We GET BUSY!

Have you heard that we don't want change when it comes to our health insurance? Have you heard how great our health insurance options are? Have you heard how insurance companies are simply trying to make a profit and certainly not denying care and being unreasonable? Have you heard that 1/2 of all bankruptcies are NOT due to medical expenses?

You have? What a coincidence - me too! Wow, I must have been so wrong about all of this, and these people? Well, they're just whiners trying to pull one over on "the system". The system that is not broken, right?!:

So let's review: Amelia is employed full-time, she pays for her own health insurance and she is covered by Worker's Compensation insurance through her job. She is attacked twice on the job, becomes stressed and has a massive stroke all within days. Her own health insurance states that she was hurt at work and they won't pay. Worker's Comp states that it wasn't a work related injury and they won't pay. Amelia, who needs 24 hour nursing care is sent home. Her husband, who is NOT a nurse, is taking care of her instead of her receiving the medical care she needs (the care she thought she was paying for and was covered for under her employer's policy). Amelia's husband can't work AND take care of his her for 24 hours a day. See? Our system is clearly not broken! Amelia and her husband will probably not be one of of the bankruptcies not due to medical expenses (using double negatives is a great way to show statistics isn't it?!).

Remember the 4 month old FAT breastfed baby that was denied insurance? Well, here's his counterpart, Aislin Bates:

Did you catch that? No? Well, I'll help you out, this little gem is at about 1:30 "...when evaluating height and weight we typically utilize other factors like medical records that show evidence of treatment." Oh, now it makes sense.

If you seek medical care, in this case for an "active gag reflex", then you become a target for denial of health insurance! Silly me, that's so simple. We don't need a public option, we just need to purchase outlandishly expensive health insurance and NEVER use it or get any treatment and pay for it out of pocket because it might affect our future coverage - makes sense right?!

Yeah, me neither.

Please don't give up - make those calls!

Call (write, fax, e-mail, etc...) Max Baucus at 202-224-2651, Kent Conrad at 202-224-2043, Blanche Lincoln at 202-224-4843, your Senators and Members of Congress. As the brilliant Bill Moyers says, "Get Busy!".

We cannot keep our heads in the sand, we cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by "balloon boy", et al. and we cannot count on "someone else" to fight for us.

As the brilliant Bill Moyers says, we have to "Get Busy!".

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tangled Web My Arse!

If only we were dealing with a tangled web. This web was woven with thick ropes that are sticky and it somehow it has wrapped itself around every part of you, suffocating you with worry about it's heaviness, tricking you into panicking and surrendering to apathy:

This is hard to watch and literally makes you feel heavy - as if it's all never going to change. It's us against the big bad THEM.

Max Baucus' is a Democrat. Max Baucus is the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. He is "in charge" of the health care reform bill in the Senate. He is our mouthpiece for health care reform.

He appears to have been bought and paid for. It appears as if he doesn't give a rat's bum about real change and getting "health care for all".

Here's the thing, all of this? It's designed to make us apathetic. Guess what? Those heavy sticky ropes? All an illusion! There are way more of US than them!!

Don't let apathy kill your spirit or strangle your voice. Do NOT go quietly into the sweet night - fight and fight like hell. Struggle against the tendrils of this web and break free, fight for the public option, let's ALL DO SOMETHING.

Let's Get Busy!

Great, do something, get busy, just do it. Nice slogans but what the heck can one person do?

One person can make their voice heard. One person can inspire another to make their voice heard. One person can influence a lawmaker, a journalist, a community organizer, a blogger, a neighbor, a spouse. One person can forward this info to their friends and family. One person can start a domino effect.

One person can make a difference. YOU are that one person!

Call, fax, e-mail, write, Twitter/Tweet to Senators & members of Congress that:

1. We MUST have a strong public option,
2. The American people WANT health insurance that's as good as theirs,
3. We are watching them and we will campaign FOR those that support health insurance for all and AGAINST those that don't.

Max Baucus (D - MT)
(202) 224-2651 (202) 224-2651

Kent Conrad (D - ND)
(202) 224-2043 (202) 224-2043

Blanche Lincoln (D - AR)
(202) 224-4843 (202) 224-4843

When you are done doing this, look up your representatives and call, text, fax and e-mail them too!

p.s. I adore Bill Moyers!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No More Breastmilk For You FAT Baby...

Contact your representatives TODAY, telling them to support the Weiner and Kucinich Amendments, so this doesn't happen to anyone anymore:

4 month old, exclusively breastfed baby needs to go on a diet in order to get coverage!

This baby was lucky enough to have a father who is a television news anchor.

Following all of this publicity, the insurance company has reversed their decision.

What about the people who don't have the connections to publicly shame the insurance companies?

What can you do? We need calls, e-mails, faxes, tweets, facebook comments TODAY to your representatives telling them to support the Weiner and Kucinich Amendments.