Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Direction...

I have lots of ideas to share about being green but I just can't concentrate on them right now.

I am terribly distracted by Health Care Reform.

In fact, I woke up at 4am this morning after a few hours of fitful sleep punctuated by dreams about what I am seeing on the news. Yes folks, I am dreaming about this and not in a good way.

I decided last week after watching the national evening news that this was not something I could "hope" that politicians would do the right thing for me. I knew that I had to get involved.

Watching the news, reading, talking to people - not enough (hence, the dreams!).

So, in addition to becoming active I am turning my green blog into a Health Care Reform blog temporarily.

Have a question about something you heard, read, were told? Bring it to me and I'll research it and provide links and info to back up what I found.

When I get information through reading, news, talking to people, I will research it and bring it to you.

Let's have a spirited debate and figure this out. When we make decisions based on facts rather than out of fear then we make better decisions.

Hopefully I will sleep better!

Okay, let's get started:

Here's the text of the bill:

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