Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Green and Lazy

I have been soooo lazy lately.

Perhaps it's because it's getting hotter? (Watch for this excuse as it gets colder too!)

Perhaps it's because I have a genetic disorder called lazybonesjonesitis?

Perhaps it's because I got a new dog?

I have been more focused on the pooch than blogging, twittering, etc...

Mysteriously I still have time to read other blogs, twitters and Perez Hilton watch the latest "Breaking Bad" though, hmmmm.

Anyway, I did want to talk about how I think that the process of adoption from a shelter could be a little more green.

In addition to the hound, they gave me a folder with a sticker on it - the sticker does appear to be made of paper and not coated with anything nasty though - filled with paper and lots of it, a ziplock baggie, a plastic AVID Microchip tag, a shrunk wrap package of marketing materials disguised as advice from a dog food company and a small bag of food. The bag is coated in something shiny that I'm sure is derived from plastic.

I just counted - 27 pieces of paper. Only 2 were completely necessary (AVID certificate and Rabies certificate).

The rest? Probably a lot of good info but could have totally been e-mailed to me. It would save the shelter money and save some trees too!

The AVID tag was put in a ziplock baggie - ? I'm not sure if that's because the plastic tag needed to be protected from the paper by being placed in a plastic bag?!

I think that owners should be given a choice about whether or not they even want the AVID tag and then why not make it metal like other tags? Give owner's the info and let them put it on the tag(s) of their choosing. I think I'm going to get this tag/collar combo for the poocherooni.

The marketing materials not so cleverly disguised as "helpful hints"? How about making it available to adopters but not including it automatically.

The dog food? See above and then read this and then watch this.

Oh, I forgot there was one other piece of plastic included but not in the folder:

Is there a non-plastic alternative for these lovely Elizabethan Torture collars?

I will pass this on to someone who needs it and hopefully they will do the same and keep this out of the landfill, forever? Too much to ask?

By the way, I did fill out my city's pet licensing form today. The instructions state to print it out and mail it with a check. Too Much Paper!

I e-mailed them the form expressing my desire to minimize my impact and offering to pay via phone with a credit card or PayPal. We'll see how that goes...

So what did we learn today?

I am lazy, I got a new dog, I have suggestions for making the process a little more eco-friendly and I learned the HTML code for inserting multiple pics with the text surrounding it - thank's Hakomike!