Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sweating Bullets

Could it be more cliche to talk about the weather with strangers?

Probably not, but I don't care!

Spring 2008 my air conditioning unit died. As an environmentalist you would think I would happily figure out a way to remove the unit using a company that operates their fleet on recycled vegetable oil, wears organic cotton uniforms, promises to recycle every bit right here in the US and rejoice in more space to plant green things.

If you thought that you would be wrong - very wrong. So wrong in fact that you couldn't be more wrong!

Not that I would not like to be that person but the cold hard reality is that I am not. I am miserable when I am hot (anything above 74) or when I'm cold (anything less than 67). Go ahead - call me a pain in the bum.

I ended up having some unexpected expenses and had to choose. I, unhappily, chose to go without a/c. I did not rejoice. I did not recycle the unit - don't fear, it still sits in all of its useless glory outside taking up space.

I confess, I do turn on the a/c every once in a while to see if Cinderella's army of fairy mice have come in the cover of night and magically fixed it. Sadly, they must not know that this damsel is in distress. Either that or they lost my address.

I came up with some very economical and effective solutions which I will write about another time. I got through the summer of 2008 with a total of about two weeks that were miserable. It was hard but livable. I thought I was ready to do it again.

With the 2 heat waves we have had in 2009 my resolve is being tested. Go ahead, call me a wimp.

Is there such a thing a eco-friendly a/c unit?

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