Monday, April 27, 2009

I Forgot Them In My Car...

How many times have you uttered these words?

"My underwear? Uh, I forgot them in my car..."

"Come on honey, just the tip, pleeeeaasssse?! I do have protection, but I forgot them in my car..."

"Where are Johnny and Susie, hmmmm? Oh that's right, I forgot them in my car..."

Underwear left in the car leads to unprotected sex due to forgetting condoms in the car which leads to distracted/stressed parents leaving their children in the car.

Forgetting stuff in the car is a slippery slope indeed!

The "them" I am referring to are reusable bags and totes.

I have LOTS of canvas reusable bags and totes.

I have 4 from South Coast Organic Farms, 1 really cool Feed 100 bag, a couple from Farm to Market, some from La Cense Grass Fed Beef and several really lovely market baskets and a few others that escape me now.

I would put these in my car and then load my basket up at Mother's and - ooops, "I forgot them in my car..." This happened over and over and over.

And over.

I tried all kinds of tricks to help me remember. I would remember sometimes but more often then not, "I forgot them in my car..." Over and over.

I realized that positive reinforcement, peaceful thoughts and forgiving myself was not going to work. I was going to have to play dirty.

I decided that if "I forgot them in the car...", I was going to punish myself. Don't worry - this isn't going anywhere weird!

If I forgot them I would have to figure out how to get my goods from the store to the trunk (or sometimes home because I would even forget to put them IN the car!), without the use of any bags from the store.

This was a pain in the bum. A big pain in the bum. A big pain in the big bum.

I got really weird looks, even from the enlightened crew at Mother's. I struggled with the items, I dropped things, people begged me to just take a bag already. I stood firm. I created this and I was going to have to fix it - without the use of new bag.

Guess what?! I remembered really quickly to bring my bags in with me!

Sometimes I still forget but I "punish" myself and mostly refuse a bag (I have folded once or twice but not often).

How do you remember?

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  1. i would just get customize wristbands and wrap it around my arm so the bags are always with me :P