Sunday, April 19, 2009

BioDynamic Pest Control

I used to kill ALL spiders, bugs, pests and icky things lurking in my house.

My brilliant sister then shared with me how stupid I was to kill Daddy Long Legs (hereinafter referred to as DDLs), since their menu consists of spiders, bugs, pests and, most importantly, icky things.

The last DDLs massacre was about 11 years ago.

I have since left them alone and I no longer see icky things! Those DDLs sure to earn their keep.

I provide a roof (and apparently and abundance of icky things to eat) and DDLs provide me with free, green pest control. I don't have to be afraid of icky things I can see (bugs, pests, spiders), or of icky things I can't see (toxic chemicals, hormone disrupters).

I have noticed that they like the bathroom (even before the massacre). I only see one now and I like to assume that it somehow escaped my (misguided) final mass slaughter of them.

I have named this sole survivor, Phil. Phil typically keeps to himself except when I take a bath. If I get in the shower and he's in there, he skedattles, but when I take a bath he can't stay away!

He walks the shower wall and boy let me tell you, it's precarious. I have one of those awful shower liner things and so there isn't real grout for him to hang on to - it's very slippery. Phil is a daredevil.

He gets all settled in one area and then like a kid who you've asked to keep a secret, can't help but blurt it out for all the world to hear and then looks at you with a simultaneously evil and sweet glint in their eyes, well that's Phil on the shower wall - he can't help but move and struggle to keep himself out of the water.

He seems to enjoy this - I think it's like bungee jumping to him, exhilarating and cheating death all at the same time.

Almost without fail, Phil falls in. I wonder if he really falls in or if he's a drama queen?

Anyway, I always fish him out with a comb and set him somewhere to dry out. I check later to make sure he's okay.

He always is!

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