Sunday, April 26, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Earth Day is in quotes because it wasn't what I would call an Earth Day or green event.

There were just a few booths there besides Honda. Glaring absences? Green companies!


Oggi's Pizza gave away free pizza on paper plates, not styrofoam ones.
Togo's Sandwiches gave away small sandwiches simply wrapped in paper with a piece of tape.
Recycling bins for bottles and cans.
Honda gave away reusable bags to everyone that entered.
Honda gave away 100% organic cotton caps to everyone that test drove a car.
No utensils needed for the food served (at least what I saw).


Serving water in plastic bottles. Enough already people! The alternatives are readily available: biocompostable cups and water stations (see page 13).
The OC Register gave away plastic travel water bottles. Who really needs one of these? The Earth certainly doesn't!
No recycling bins for the paper plates, napkins, paper wrapping, etc.
No compost collection bins for food being thrown out.


Plastic wristbands for people test driving the insight. On Earth Day no less! How about paper wristbands, a stamp on the hand, using a pen to make a mark on hands or Tyvek and then set up a recycling station for them?
The reusable bags and hats were made in and shipped from China.
The reusable bag appears to be made of some sort of plastic material.


I didn't win the Insight!

Just kidding, well no I'm not kidding about not being the winner!

You can read about the winner, Mr. Richard Wada. You will see in the comments section that Honda is paying for license and state tax - way to go Honda!

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